Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Critical Look At Spencer Jack's Grandma's Big Lake

What you are looking at is a photo taken yesterday at a location in my old home zone.

The body of water you see here is known as Big Lake.

Big Lake really is not very big. I have never known why Big Lake is so named, unless it is because Big Lake is so much bigger than nearby Clear Lake.

Big Lake is located a couple miles east of the Mount Vernon location I lived in prior to my exile in Texas.

Spencer Jack's Grandma, my Favorite Ex-Sister-In-Law, Cindy, is home based at Big Lake.

Texas has no natural lakes. Washington has countless such lakes. I don't know why Texas has no natural lakes. Big Lake is a natural lake. No dam is involved in its creation.

When I saw the above photo I thought of an infamous Fort Worth photographer who makes hyper-realistic enhanced photos of various scenes in Fort Worth, Fort Worth locals, who have no clue as to how one can digitally enhance a photo, gush over this photographer's manufactured images.

I have long opined, regarding these manufactured photos, ever since the photographer got all bent out of shape because the Amon Carter Museum commissioned a photo documentary by a legit photographer, depicting realistic, honest images of Fort Worth, that this particular Fort Worth photographer was doing Fort Worth a great disservice, misrepresenting Fort Worth, showing a version which does not exist.

I have also wondered what this particular photographer would do if he was in a location where the photos did not need digital manipulation to look beautiful. You know, towns like New York City, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, well you get the drift. Or scenic wonders like Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Hawaii, Mount Rainier, well, again, you get the drift.

Or Big Lake.

Just take an ordinary camera and aim it at Big Lake and if the light is right you get that which you see above. An honest photo reflecting a beautiful reality....

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