Friday, September 2, 2016

Walk Around Green Sikes Lake Brings Back Memory Of A Purple Trinity River

Til today it had been a few days since I had myself a walk around Sikes Lake. I'd not been back since the start of the fall quarter at Midwestern State University, which is where Sikes Lake is located.

Since my last Sikes Lake walk around the lake has turned a beautiful shade of green, as you can see.

I first noticed the green whilst walking across the bridge you see above the green.

I don't know if this is a purposefully dying of the lake green, in some sort of celebrating the start of school deal, like when Fort Worth's goofy mayor, Mike Moncrief, tried to dye the Trinity River purple in some sort of tribute to a Fort Worth football team that had won a game or was playing in a bowl game or some other such thing which I have long forgotten.

I could quickly find the answer to why Fort Worth's goofy mayor tried to turn the Trinity River purple by using this blog's search function.

I will be right back with the link to that purple blogging.

Well, apparently I blogged about this serious issue of Fort Worth's goofy mayor trying to dye the Trinity River purple multiple times....

Fort Worth's Mayor Moncrief Changes The Name Of The Trinity River & Orders It Dyed The Color Purple

Fort Worth Mayor Moncrief Fails To Turn Trinity River Purple

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Sort Of Sees Purple

TCU Purple Froggies Jinxed By Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief

That last one is mostly copying a funny email from Don Young about the serious issue of Fort Worth having a really goofy mayor lacking in basic common sense.

Thunderstorms are on the menu today for the Wichita Falls location. The potential storminess is evident in another photo I took today at Sikes Lake.

Sikes Lake does not appear to be green when viewed from this location, looking through the Arch de Sikes.

The temperature was barely in the 80s when I walked around Sikes Lake. About the temperature to which I air condition my interior space.

I need to find where I put my winter wear....

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