Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today I Did Not Find Katie Holmes On The Lucy Park Suspension Bridge

A nightmare triggered by last night's loud, wet thunderstorm put me in mind to go to the best park in Wichita Falls this second Saturday of September.

In the aforementioned nightmare rain was pouring and I was driving past the entry to Lucy Park, quickly seeing the park in flood mode, with the Wichita River having risen above the Lucy Park Suspension Bridge.

In the nightmare I got out of my vehicle, to find myself in a situation where I was rescuing Katie Holmes from the rising water. Soon I found myself in a bizarre conversation with the ex-Mrs. Cruise where Katie was telling me details of how bizarre that marriage was, including details about the Scientology madness.

I arrived at Lucy Park today sort of expecting to see the park flooded. And maybe Katie Holmes in attendance.

I was disappointed on both counts.

On the way walking to the Lucy Park Suspension Bridge I met a family of three, mom, dad and young son, walking in the opposite direction. The mom asked me if this was the way to the waterfall. I said no, you are heading in the opposite direction. I told them to follow me and I'd get them to the right trail.

On the way to the right trail I told the mom, dad and young son that there was something cool on the way I'd show them.

The young son asked if it was a big snake? No, said I. An alligator? No, again said I. An elephant? Again, no said I.

Soon after the elephant question we were at the river and the bridge. The young son did not hesitate a second before walking across the bridge. I have seen kids terrified of walking out on the Lucy Park Suspension Bridge.

Soon the family of three was on their way to the waterfall.

It struck me as interesting that it was only four months ago that I was first at Lucy Park and had to ask directions to the waterfall. And now, it is me who can give such directions.

I have become a Wichita Faller feller....

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