Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Poolside Lounging Before Wichita Falls Texoma Fair

As the days of summer quickly fade to fall, along with falling temperatures, poolside sun lounging will soon be a distant memory.

So with the outer world being heated to a relatively balmy temperature I opted to get some Vitamin D, along with some swim time, in the pre-noon time frame on this second Tuesday of September.

Today, in Wichita Falls, the annual Texoma Fair, also known as the T-O Fair, also known as the Texas / Oklahoma Fair starts up at the Multi-Purpose Event Center, also known as the MPEC.

The Texoma Fair runs from today til Saturday. If I go, and I think I will, I will go on Saturday.

With only a five day run it seems unlikely that the Texoma Fair is going to be as big a spectacle as the State Fair of Texas.

However, sometimes small is better. And in this case I suspect while the Texoma Fair may not be as big a spectacle as the State Fair of Texas, I suspect it will provide me a mighty fine time.

And some corn dogs....

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