Monday, September 19, 2016

Litter Free Wichita Falls Walk Around Sikes Lake

Last Friday I blogged a Lady In Turquoise Talks Trash To Me At Sikes Lake after a lady in a turquoise dress asked me about litter floating in and around Sikes Lake.

The lady told me her question was prompted by a photo which showed up on social media with the photo alleging to show a lot of white blobs of litter floating on the area of Sikes Lake you see in this photo I took a few minutes ago.

The social media in question was Facebook, via the Wichita Falls Rants & Raves page.

The poster informed us that the white blobs in the lake were not the Sikes Lakes omnipresent ducks, or geese, that it was floating litter.

As you can see above, some of those aforementioned ducks are busy floating on this same section of the lake which was shown on Facebook.

I told the lady in turquoise I had never seen litter floating in that area of the lake. A barrier across the lake stops any litter floating in from the Sikes Lake creek source from floating to the area of the "lake" you see above.

I also told the lady in turquoise that one of the things I have come to appreciate about Wichita Falls is the fact that I see so little litter, particularly noticeable after having spent way too many years in what may be the Litter Capital of America, Fort Worth.

On the day I talked to the lady in turquoise I eventually did see some litter floating in Sikes Lake, at the far end of the lake, near where the creek flows in, carrying litter with it, after a downpour hours before.

As you can see below, the main body of water which makes up Sikes Lake appears to be litter free today.

A quartet of anglers were fishing at the south end of the lake today, three guys and a girl, all with poles in the water.

I do not know what type fish one might catch in Sikes Lake. I do know that big fish of some variety regularly jump out of the water trying to catch a fly, making a big splash up their return to the lake.

The geese were being particularly aggressive today. But I did not get goosed...

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