Friday, September 9, 2016

Dallas Cheeseburgers At One Of The World's Most Unique McDonald's

Lunch today at one of my favorite fine dining restaurants.


Specifically lunch at one of the World's most unique McDonald's, that being the McDonald's in North Dallas, at the Monfort Drive exit off I-635, also known at the LBJ Freeway, slightly east of the Galleria Mall.

There is something about McDonald's regular cheeseburger that I have long been fond of.

Is it the dill pickle? The utter simplicity?

Til today the last time I had the McDonald's cheeseburger delicacy was whilst on the move to Wichita Falls, on the last day goods were moved. I was hungry. I stopped at the Haslet McDonald's, off I-287, south of Decatur, north of Fort Worth. Got myself three cheeseburgers, fries and a large Coke, and then got back to rolling the road.

My other favorite McDonald's delicacy is the fish sandwich. Too messy to consume whilst driving. I remember when this item of fine dining cost something like 60 cents. Now one fish sandwich costs somewhere north of three bucks.

The last time I had the McDonald's fish sandwich delicacy was multiple times in the Phoenix zone, in March of 2012, with the first instance soon after my mom and dad and sister picked me up at the airport. Within a few minutes I found myself in a McDonald's where I had, for the first, and only time, a double fish sandwich.

The last time, til today, that I was at the Dallas McDonald's that is known as one of the world's most unique, was in early January of 2009, when my mom and dad were visiting.

Above you are looking at my mom and dad, in their cowboy hats, outside the aforementioned Dallas McDonald's. I do not remember if I had a cheeseburger that day. I do remember my dad getting us all hot fudge sundaes. I also remember this was a stop gap feeding prior to motoring west to Roanoke to have the classic Babes's chicken dinner.

Today is the first time I have successfully done the blogging thing on the road, using my phone's Google Blogger app. My previous attempt to do so, two years ago, did not work. Partly due to, I think, me not being all that used to doing the typing on the phone thing. That and the app has improved.

I think I will be able to make it back to Wichita Falls without needing another McDonald's cheeseburger break.....

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So Durango. Did you move?