Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cool Fall Climb To The Summit Of Mount Wichita

It seems like weeks, like way back last summer, when last I climbed my way to the summit of Mount Wichita.

Today's climb to the summit was made in cool air for the first time, air conditioned to a comfortable temperature somewhere in the 60s.

As you can see, via the person slowly ambling his way up the mountain, I was not the only person enjoying cool mountain climbing today.

Last Saturday's rain deluge did some eroding to Mount Wichita. I have long wondered how this mountain came to be.

I know it was made from dirt dredged from Sikes Lake. But how did the dirt get piled up into mountain mode? Before that dirt solidified into adobe-like hardness, with a vegetation covering, it would seem that any heavy rain would have washed the mountain into Lake Wichita.

I have asked multiple Wichita Falls locals if they knew the means by which Mount Wichita was built, to no avail.

The Lake Wichita Revitalization Plan includes another mountain rising near Mount Wichita, with that new mountain being shorter but bigger in circumference. Methinks the volume of dirt which will be dredged from Lake Wichita would likely be enough to make an entire Wichita Mountain Range of multiple mountains.

Multiple mountains in a Wichita Mountain Range would be a real good thing. Maybe mountain bike trails could somehow be incorporated. Which would also be a real good thing.

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