Monday, September 5, 2016

A Salty Labor Day Swim With Kimchee

It being Labor Day today I decided to start the day off by laboring in the pool, which would explain the bad selfie of me partially submerged in water that you are looking at here.

I have sort of grown to sort of like this new pool. It's the saltwater part of it that I have grown to sort of like.

The water being salty renders added buoyancy. Not ocean-like saltwater added buoyancy. And certainly not Salt Lake-like added buoyancy.

My one and only time in Utah's Salt Lake was not a pleasant experience.

For one thing a long distance of wading was required to finally reach semi-deep, swimmable water.

By that point the salty water was causing a bad chafing reaction between swimsuit and skin. This was partially mitigated by removing the swimsuit and placing it atop one of multiple conveniently located poles which I assumed were installed for that purpose.

The saltwater in my current pool causes no chafing reaction, so the swimsuit can remain in place.

After having myself a mighty fine time in the pool I drove to Lake Wichita to climb Mount Wichita, again. I've been thinking I don't get enough exercise. I used my phone to shoot a video of the hike from the summit to ground level.

YouTube has just finished processing that video. I will stick that video in a blogging after this one. But first I have to have my Labor Day lunch.

Kielbasa on Kaiser rolls, with Kimchee. KKK.

A very international cuisine....

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Anonymous said...

Chafing from the suit s**ks! I always had Bodyglide for Tri but it didnt last long enough, so I found some gel with this filter on

Dont remember the name now, but go there and you'll find it... :)