Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wichita Falls Saltwater Swim Before Sikes Lake Geese & Barbecued Chicken

Last night, after experiencing Rabble Rouser Lunch exhaustion, I opted out of the planned attendance at Art in the Dark, due to that exhaustion problem, and precipitation was precipitating.

There is another downtown Wichita Falls art event tonight called Pop Up Art. It is not an outdoor pop up. The Pop Up Art takes place in what is known locally as the iconic Big Blue Building.

I remember when I first saw what I now know is the iconic Big Blue Building I thought to myself, well that is unfortunate. The iconic Big Blue Building is currently being restored to its former glorious state of iconic wonderment.

I have discovered if I go swimming early enough the sun has not had time to heat the area around the pool hot enough to melt my flip flops to the ground. Yesterday I made the mistake of going swimming in the late afternoon, soon before precipitation precipitated and found, upon finishing with the swimming, that my right foot flip flop had melted.

So, this morning I had myself a mighty fine time swimming in the saltwater pool. I have grown to sort of like the saltwater pool with its 8 foot deep deep end. Due to the extra buoyancy afforded by saltwater I can float, for a time, standing up, in the deep end.

I really did not think swimming gave me enough exercise today, though I did feel some aerobic endorphin stimulation, so in the noon time frame I drove the short distance to Sikes Lake to commune with nature and the Sikes Lake geese.

The Sikes Lake geese seemed to be in cranky honking mode today. I feared for the safety of the little guy you see above who approached the flock of four you also see above, with no apparent adult supervision, not of the little guy, or the geese.

Eventually an adult figure arrived and picked up the little guy about the same time a plus-sized adult white goose arrived and herded the flock of four in the opposite direction of the little guy and the adult supervisor.

It is now time for lunch. Barbecued chicken, rice and cabbage. Each item is more complicated than my simple description would seem to indicate.

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