Sunday, August 21, 2016

Striking Similarity Between Mount Rainier & Mount Wichita

No, that is not an early morning look at Lake Wichita you are looking at here, with Mount Wichita looming in the distance.

What you are looking at here is Lake Meridian in the town of Kent in the state of Washington.

And that mountain looming in the distance is a volcano known as Mount Rainier.

I believe it was in the year 2005 I was in Washington, staying at my ex-wife's house in the aforementioned Kent.

My ex-wife and my sister had taken off to do their daily delivery duties when soon thereafter one of them, I don't remember which, called me to tell me "the Mountain is out and looking beautiful."

In Western Washington the phrase "the Mountain is out" is universally known to mean that Mount Rainier is cloud free and visible.

When the Mountain is out it is visible from a long distance. For instance, when the Mountain was out I could see it whilst driving on the Skagit Valley flats, about 100 miles north.

So, after I got the call telling me the Mountain was out I walked the short distance to Lake Meridian to take some photos and shoot some video of the exposed Mountain.

Looking at the above photo of Mount Rainier it sure is easy to see why I say that Mount Wichita looks like a mini-volcano, which you can see via the photo I took yesterday of Lake Wichita with Mount Wichita in the distance....

Come winter I wonder if Mount Wichita develops a snow cap?

I suspect not.

A chair lift to the summit of Mount Wichita would be a very cool thing. There would be nothing like it for hundreds of miles in any direction....

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