Friday, August 12, 2016

No Kickapoo Copter So I Climbed Mount Wichita Before Art In The Dark In The World's Littlest Skyscraper

I was expecting a helicopter to touch down today at Kickapoo Airport, that being the airport almost next door to my abode, to pick me up and fly me to Haltom City so I could do some much needed rabble rousing.

However, no helicopter showed up in the expected time frame.

So, around noon I took off in my motorized transport and soon found myself fearing I was in vehicular malfunction mode. The transmission was not transmitting the way it normally transmits.

That and an odd warning light was lit. The warning looking like a trailer with a hitch.

I got to the base of Mount Wichita, turned off the engine, got out the manual and quickly learned that I must have inadvertently pushed the button on the end of the shift lever, a button which puts the vehicle into tow mode.

So, with that problem solved I exited the vehicle to go do some mountain climbing.

A group was already ascending the main route to the Mount Wichita summit, including a young, skinny guy who ran all the way to the summit, at high speed, with no stops on the way up.

You can see the young skinny guy, in red, near the summit, about to pass what looked to be a slightly overweight older guy.

I walked around the mountain to make my ascent via the less frequently used southeast summit trail. I did not run non-stop to the top.

A cooling wind made the almost 100 degrees feel not so HOT. Which is always a good thing.

Tonight I'm going to Art in the Dark in the downtown Wichita Falls Arts District. The Art in the Dark includes art in the World's Littlest Skyscraper. This should be interesting.....

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