Monday, August 15, 2016

Minutes Away From My 50 Second Wichita Mountain Climb Time

I am amping up the exercise thing due to my new, as of yesterday, five year goal of being able to run up Mount Wichita, in under 50 seconds.

I was in the pool early again this morning. I am gradually learning to like this pool and its saltwater contents. I can float, vertically, in the 8 foot deep deep end.

I do not know if this unusual floating ability is due to the saltwater or excess adipose tissue rendering me extra buoyant.

Long ago I went floating in Utah's ultra salty Salt Lake. But that lake, at the location I floated in, was extremely shallow. No matter how far out into the lake one waded. I never got remotely close to the lake being deep enough to facilitate vertical floating.

So, what with the saltwater floating not providing sufficient aerobic stimulation I rolled my mechanized wheels to Mount Wichita, this third Monday of August, to do some stimulating mountain climbing.

I do not seem to improve at the selfie taking thing. In the above attempt I am in descent mode, about halfway down the mountain.

I timed my climbs up Mount Wichita today.

Three minutes, 43 seconds for the first ascent.

But, part of that time was spent talking to a young lady who was heading down the mountain.

Three minutes, 12 seconds for the second ascent. Which would seem to give some indication as to how much time I spent talking to that descending young lady on the first ascent.

After the descent from the second ascent I was in no mood for a third ascent of the day.

I think I may be overdoing the getting endorphins via aerobic swimming stimulation thing, with my mountain climbing appendages being rendered a bit rubbery....

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