Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line In Wichita Falls With Mr. Spiffy

No, that is not Mr. Spiffy you are looking at here, shortly after crossing the Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line.

I did not catch their names, but the announcer announced, to thunderous applause, that this pair of bikers was somewhere in the 90 years old range. I did not catch the exact age, due to the atmosphere being a bit noisy, which you can hear for yourself via the below video taken at the Hotter'N Hell 100 Finish Line.

Not everyone crossing the Finish Line rolled the entire 100 miles. I documented that fact in a blogging previous to this one titled Pickle Juice & Muscle Milk At The Wichita Falls Hotter'N Hell 100.

To qualify to go the full 100 miles riders must make it to what is known as "Hell's Gate" at the 60 mile mark by 12:30pm.

Mr. Spiffy took time out from rolling his wheels to take a picture of making it through Hell's Gate and documenting having done so on Facebook. Just a second, I will go see if I can find that picture. I'm sure Mr. Spiffy won't mind me purloining it.
If one makes it though Hell's Gate in time I believe the 100 mile route then eventually takes riders through Sheppard Air Force base where much cheering takes place.

Somewhere around 14,000 riders ride in the Hotter'N Hell 100. There are distance options shorter than the 100, such as 50 mile and 25 mile options. I think there may even be a shorter option.

What I do know for sure is riders were crossing the Finish Line the entire time I was there. I think I was off looking at something else when the first rider to complete the 100 miles crossed the Finish Line.

Below you can see a couple of race helpers holding orange strings to which Hotter'N Hell 100 race completion medals were attached. Part of the medal giver's job seemed to be to keep the riders moving along to make way for incoming Finish Line crossers.

The Finish Line scene became a bit chaotic at times, which you will also see in the video at the bottom.

As you can see, bikers came in all sizes and ages.

I was at the Hotter'N Hell 100 not too long today before I decided that next year I want to roll wheels at this event. This will require new wheels. A mountain bike would not work.

And now the aforementioned video where I find myself wandering amongst the incoming bikers crossing the Finish Line...


Steve A said...

Actually, the 100 mile ride bypasses SAFB. Only the 75 mile ride goes through both Hell's Gate AND SAFB. It is why the second time I rode the event, I took the cutoff after passing Hell's Gate. LOTS of cool stuff to see as you pass through the base. Of course, if you see the AFB, you miss the free beer. Life is full of hard choices!

Durango said...

Steve A---There is free beer whilst riding the HNH? So you got to Hell's Gate in time to qualify for the 100, but opted for the 75 so as to ride thru the AFB? I had no idea til yesterday what a BIG deal HNH100 is. So many bikers. SAFB is having an open house deal in September, I learned of today. An all day affair. You get to walk thru planes, Thunderbirds fly over head. I suspect I will be there.

Steve A said...

Yup and yup. GO to that SAFB open house and take your best camera. Start with and I'll bet you see a whole lot more, though not the line of airmen. BTW, one of the coolest moments at any HH100 is the T38 flyover at the start. As a former Northrop employee, it brought tears to my eyes.