Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hostess Aunt Alice's Deep Fried Walmart Twinkies

A few days ago I found myself having the following exchange on Facebook with Aunt Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket....

Durango Jones Sounds like your new personal chef is working out for you, Aunt Alice. Getting you back on a healthy feeding regimen. Unlike your previous personal chef who had you eating way too many things like Deep-Fried Twinkies covered with hot fudge.....

Aunt Alice Personal chef? One could only wish sweetheart. You could be mine. I eat semi healthy. Love veggies. Deep fried Twinkies? Yum. Never had. Can I get your recipe? Not had Twinkies in years and years. Nor hot fudge. Making me hungry. Stop. Glad you worry about your Auntie.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday, in Walmart, when walking by the freezer section I saw that which you see above.

Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Chocolate Twinkies.

Aunt Alice, these Deep Fried Twinkies may only be available in Texas, as part of the ongoing plot to try to get the Texas population to put on some weight.

But, next time you're in the Omak Walmart check out the freezer section and maybe you will find Deep Fried Twinkies....

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