Monday, August 1, 2016

Growing More Disgusted With Condoning Texas Racist Collaborators

Yesterday, via my cousin Scott, on Facebook, I was appalled to see that which you see here.

A Huffington Post article about a mayor making racists comments about our First Couple.

Reading the article I was even more appalled to find out this mayor was the mayor of a small town suburb in my old home state of  Washington.

A state I like to think is totally intolerant of such idiocy.

Well, turns out I was right about Washingtonians not being tolerant of such, unlike some locations in my current location of Texas, such as Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

This story about the bad mayor is about a year old. Soon after this Huffington Post article was posted the mayor resigned.

The small town suburb of which this idiot was the mayor is near Spokane, in far eastern Washington.

From  the Spokane Spokesman Review, again in an article from about a year ago, I learned....

The embattled mayor of Airway Heights has submitted his resignation following a public furor in July regarding comments he made about President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama that were considered racist.

Imagine that. A public furor righting a wrong.

I am guessing the reason this old story popped up this week was due to an idiot racist woman getting fired from her loan officer job after posting on Facebook that Michelle Obama was an "ugly black bitch."

This idiot racist woman was reacting to the heaps of praise showered on Michelle Obama after the First Lady's extremely well regarded speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The racist remarks of the Washington mayor and the idiot loan officer were mild compared to what I have been dealing with in Texas. Which I have blogged about now, multiple times, most recently yesterday, and also a week ago, in a blogging titled Eliminating Racist Texas Idiots From Facebook One By One with links to the previous bloggings, where you can read the racist rantings I have been subjected to in Texas, via Facebook.

What has appalled me as much as the racist rantings of this one particular Tarrant County Republican is the fact that, other than me, I detect no public furor of disgust. Instead I have Facebook "Friends" who apparently are totally okay with this type hate speak, with their condoning of such rendering them Racist Collaborators.

Facebook comments regarding that woman fired from her loan officer job because of her racist post are applicable to the Tarrant County racists, and that former Washington mayor...

Tyler Way: Like the president or not, racism is racism. No excuses. This woman is a disgusting human being and she deserves to be fired. Karma bitch!

Kevin R Johnson: This happens because these Racist Goobers think everyone thinks like them. They are dismayed when they find out that most decent Americans find their views DESPICABLE and want NOTHING to do with them.

Scott Blankenship: Michelle is beautiful inside and out. If there is one bright moment of the Trump disaster it is he is making racists feel emboldened. I'm glad they are now crawling out of hiding. While they have free speech, all speech has consequences.

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