Sunday, August 14, 2016

Burlington Reunion Of Former Associates Collective Collects Without Me

Yesterday, in my old hometown of Burlington, in my old home state of Washington, a reunion  took place of a collective of associates with whom I associated for a period of time, decades ago, way back in the last century.

I have known, via Facebook, of this impending reunion for quite some time, and was eagerly awaiting the formal invitation arriving in my mailbox, but such never arrived.

This morning photos of this reunion, to which I was not formally invited, and thus was unable to attend, showed up on Facebook.

In the above photo foreground you are looking at Miss Linda and Betty Jo Bouvier. Miss Linda called me yesterday whilst she was en route to pick up Betty Jo to go to the aforementioned reunion.

It has been two and a half decades since I have attended one of the reunions of this collective of former associates. That reunion took place in the Skagit Valley tourist town of La Conner.

My only vivid memory of that reunion was the aforementioned Miss Linda doing a hilarious stand up routine which predominately featured the controversial issue of her hair dent and the intervention scheduled to deal with that serious issue. At some point in Miss Linda's act she mentioned me, which caused the larger of the Goober twins to physically assault me, lifting me up and causing me to trip on to the stage in front of Miss Linda.

I really have never forgiven the larger Goober twin for this drunken outrage.

The last reunion of this collective of former associates took place five years ago, at a farm a couple miles north of Burlington.

Few attended. Like I already intuited I was not among the few attending. Nor was Honey Lulu. I don't remember getting a formal invitation to that one either.

The day after that reunion a group photo of those in attendance showed up on Facebook. Honey Lulu called me, due to being perplexed as to the identity of some of those in the photo. I was of little help with the identifying.

Above on the left, that is the aforementioned Honey Lulu (aka Beth SM), yesterday, at that aforementioned reunion of a collective of former associates. You may recognize Honey Lulu from such television shows as LOST. I do not know who that is standing next to Honey Lulu looking like he is prepping for a role in a Santa Claus movie.

Isn't the scenery scenic in my old hometown zone? Big green trees under a big blue sky. The locals have been sweltering in my old home zone with temperatures only slightly cooler than my current location, as in temperatures in the 90s.

Years ago a now long gone Washington icon, Emmett Watson, initiated a campaign whereby the people of Western Washington were not to send photos out of the state showing sunny summer scenes. Photos of rain were okay, thus perpetuating the rainy reputation as a year round thing. But, over the decades, with millions of tourists experiencing the Western Washington summer reality, including multiple cruise ships sailing in and out of Puget Sound, the effort to perpetuate the year round rain myth has gone away.

I wonder if I will get a formal invitation to the next reunion of this collective of former associates of mine? Probably not.....

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