Monday, August 8, 2016

Boondoggle's River Rockin' Sinks With Too Much E. Coli & Dead Bodies In The Trinity

I first saw that which you see here last night via Layla Caraway on Facebook.

I was more than a little surprised to see this because that sure looks like Ms. Caraway in the upper middle of the photo, floating in the Trinity River at the notorious location oddly named Panther Island Pavilion, where there is no island or pavilion.

The Facebook post linked to a Star-Telegram E. coli found in Trinity River at Panther Island Pavilion article.

Apparently the TRWD takes a water sample every Tuesday, with the results coming in on Thursday, which is the day of America's Biggest Boondoggle's Rockin' the River Inner Tubing Happy Hour in Fort Worth's favorite polluted river.

This week's test found the E. coli level HUGELY elevated, far above the level considered safe by TCEQ, or any sane human.

Now, what I wonder, and what seems so obvious to me, with this testing done only once a week, with the possibility of the E. coli levels spiking so dangerously, what if the water sampled on Tuesday was a pure as the water in a civilized location on the planet, but by Thursday's Rockin' the River the level spikes to the 1,700 E. coli organisms per 100 milliliters level it spiked to on Tuesday?

How can anyone suggest it is safe to get wet in the Trinity River without testing taking place simultaneous to the time when The Boondoggle schedules one of its ill-conceived water events?

The Star-Telegram article neglects informing its few readers that in addition to way too much E. coli being in the Trinity River, this week three bodies were also fished out of the river.

The last paragraph of the article tells us that The Boondoggle's Sunday Funday family friendly tubing, kayaking, canoeing and boating at Panther Island is still scheduled.

Scheduled two days before the next scheduled water quality test? What sort of responsible parental figure would consider this to be an appropriate family event to take ones kids to?

I can't be the only person who has observed the fiasco that has become America's Biggest Boondoggle who thinks it is time to pull the plug.

And get that plug pulled before someone gets hurt. Fort Worth seldom does anything or has anything happen with garners national, let alone international attention.

I really don't want to see Fort Worth known as the town where hundreds of people were sickened by E. coli, or worse. Can you imagine the world's media coming to town, with J.D. Granger trying to explain why he helped instigate getting people floating and drinking beer in a dangerously polluted river, known to be one of the most polluted in Texas, and America?

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