Friday, August 19, 2016

Another Chilly August Day In Texas

What you are looking at here is this morning's stormy view from my computer room window.

Currently the temperature is only two degrees warmer than my old home zone which is currently chilled to 73 degrees.

Which means I am shivering at 75 degrees in Wichita Falls.


75 is five degrees cooler than I have my A/C set at.

The HOTTER than HELL 100 takes place here in a few days. Has there ever been a HOTTER than HELL 100 with the temperature well below 100?

The dark clouds you see above have been dripping a lot of drops. So far no lightning strikes with thunder booms. Yesterday I visited my favorite bank teller who told me the bank employees had just been informed they were under a tornado warning. I heard of this warning no where else.

Does this chilly August bode ill for the coming fall and winter? I hope not.

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