Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yesterday 9th Anniversary Celebration Was Exhausting

Yesterday, the 3rd Tuesday of July, was exhausting. With a lot of that exhaustion due to an insomnia bout the night before.

Tuesday morning started off with what you see here, brought to my computer screen by Google, informing me that yesterday was a Happy Anniversary of having been with AdSense for 9 years.

9 years?

This falls into the category of time flying way too fast.

Soon after learning of this anniversary I hit the publish button on a blogging I'd written the day before about another anniversary. Within a short period of time that blogging began generating confusing text messages about that blogging.

It was sometime around the 4th or 5th text message about that blogging that Tuesday began to be exhausting.

That exhaustion was compounded by the need to update one of my websites, that being This is one of the more complicated websites I have made, complicated due to the subject matter being a massive catalog of building material parts which are all foreign to me.

To make yesterday's Inwesco update I had to use a new web editor. Microsoft long ago abandoned the Front Page web editor I had used since the previous century. Front Page continued to work on my XP based computer. But, I had upgraded to a non-XP computer, hence the need for a new web editor and a new FTP file uploader.

Making the Inwesco changes was not as exhausting as I'd feared, and likely would not have been exhausting at all, if it were not for those exhausting text messages about that controversial blog post.

By noon I entered the outer world to take myself on a lake walk. That only made me more exhausted.

Earlier my little sister had mentioned not having access to a scrap book our maternal parental unit made about my little sister winning the title of Most Valuable Player at the Washington State High School Softball Championship, held in Wenatchee, way back in the late 1980s.

I attended those softball games and clearly remember my little sister getting that Most Valuable Player Award. It was a proud Big Brother moment, but remembered no photographs being taken.

I told my little sister I remember no photos of that event, even though later I had myself some sort of recovered memory of myself taking pictures that day.

By early evening my little sister emailed  me the photo you see here, holding her Most Valuable Player Award.

I have asked my little sister if it was I who took this picture. I have yet to receive an answer. If it was I who took  this picture learning such will be yet the latest indicator that my memory is not what it used to be.

Not being able to remember that which you think you should remember is exhausting....

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