Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wichita Falls Geese Goosing Pokemon Go Zombies

The Army of Geese who occupy the Sikes Lake zone of Midwestern State University, in the mostly peaceful Texas burg of Wichita Falls, have turned militant and aggressive in recent days.

I suspect the Sikes Lake Army of Geese is not appreciating being invaded by the hordes of Pokemon Go Zombies rendering slightly chaotic their usually peaceful territory.

Yesterday the Army of Geese was blocking access to the Mustang of Many Colors and her Baby, which you can sort of see via the view through the rusted trident of metallic sculptural art.

The closer I approached the goose front lines, the louder the Army of Geese honked. It was very intimidating.

If you have ever been goosed by mad geese you do not soon forget how powerful those goose bills are when in attack and bite mode.

How long does a Pokemon Go invasion last in one particular location? I do not know if Sikes Lake is the only Wichita Falls spot were one can find the Japanese bugs.

Methinks Mount Wichita and Lake Wichita Park would be a very amusing Pokemon Go location. Hordes of Pokemon Go Zombies wandering all over Mount Wichita would likely quickly attract a lot of onlookers.

Speaking of Mount Wichita, I think I may go there today to do some mountain climbing. The wind is being sufficiently gusty to provide an adequate wind chill factor...

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