Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today Spencer Jack Took Grandpa To Grandma's

Minutes ago incoming email.

Subject line:

Spencer Jack Takes Grandpa to Grandma's

No explanatory text included. Just three photos, the first of which you see here.

That would be Spencer Jack on the left, standing next to his grandpa, Spencer Jake.

I assume they are standing in front of my favorite ex-sister-in-law's house in Big Lake.

Big Lake is a little lake a couple miles east of my old home zone of Mount Vernon in the incredibly beautiful Skagit Valley in the equally incredibly beautiful state of Washington.

Spencer Jack's grandpa Jake is currently escaping the extreme heat of Arizona by spending a month with Spencer Jack and his dad.

UPDATE: Spencer Jack's dad has now explained that that which we see here is literally Spencer Jack taking his grandpa to his grandma's. As in that house behind the boys is Spencer's great great grandma Sylvia Jones home in Lynden, Washington. Totally remodeled.

Oh my, I just got all wistful thinking how happy grandma Jones would be to have Spencer Jack coming for a visit....

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