Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pondering Swimming In The Blue Water Of Lake Wichita

Til today I had not had myself any salubrious communing with nature for a couple days, unless one counts short swimming pool bouts.

I am not enjoying the new pool as much as the previous pool. The new pool is smaller, with a lot of depth variation, including an 8 feet deep deep end, with a steep drop off which plummets over a cliff from 4 feet to that aforementioned 8 feet.

I was in wading mode the first time I discovered that cliff-like drop off. It was unsettling.

Today, with the air being pretty much in dead calm mode, with the temperature stuck between 90 and 100, I opted to drive to nearby Lake Wichita dam, figuring a breeze might be blowing across the lake.

I figured correctly.

As you can see, others had the same cooling idea, with a pair of those on the dock being kids in fishing mode.

The photo version of Lake Wichita looks inviting, blue and inviting, as in it looks like one might have oneself a mighty fine time swimming in that blue oasis.

However, in person, when viewed via the primitive using ones own eyes method, the lake takes on a much less blue hue, skewing more to brown than blue.

Long ago, in another century, swimming was among the many things one could do in Lake Wichita.

There is an effort afoot to restore Lake Wichita to its former glory.

I hope that effort is successful and does not turn into any sort of Fort Worth style Texas boondoggle of inept implementation spanning eons of time....

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