Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot Mount Wichita Summit Hike With Buzzing Bugs

Swimming has not been doing it for me, of late, in the endorphin acquisition department, due to not enjoying the new pool as much as the old pool. The new pool does not have much shade, rendering the water and the area surrounding the pool HOTTER than if the majority of the area were under the shade of trees.

And then there is the water temperature issue. I think the temperature of the water has now moved north of lukewarm.

The cold option of tapwater is now lukewarm. Drinking a glass of water now requires ice to be inserted into the glass, unless one likes lukewarm water.

I don't recollect the piping in the previous location getting heated to this degree. And we've not yet even hit 100. Though that is currently predicted to happen today.

So, with the temperature a relatively chilly 95 I rolled myself to Lake Wichita Park to do some mountain climbing on Mount Wichita.

A semi-good breeze blew, which helped provide a little wind chilling.

In the first photo you are looking at the southeast trail route to the summit of Mount Wichita. This is a route less traveled. Not due to added difficulty, but due to this trail being on the opposite side of the mountain from the more visible trails.

As I reached the summit of Mount Wichita I found myself startled to be hearing what sounded like the buzz of a motor. Very loud.

I stood on the Mount Wichita summit perplexed as to where the buzz sound was coming  from.

And then I saw it. The bush you see in the center of the above photo was abuzz with a swarm of a flying insect of some unknown, to me, variety. The bush was literally shaking from the buzzing bugs.

Nervous that the buzzing bugs might go into swarm mode, with me their sweaty target, I quickly made an exit from the summit via one of the trails on the west side of the mountain.

It has been so many weeks since I have been subjected to a bug bite I figured the bug bite time of the year was over, with the biting bug population dried out from too much HEAT.

I don't think I got bit by today's buzzing bugs.

So far I have found no bite wounds.

Not of the bug variety....

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