Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Singing The Washington Blues

I saw that which you see here this morning in the Seattle Times and found it to be interesting.

Apparently the county I grew up in and lived in prior to moving to Texas is among the bluest counties in Washington, with there being nine such Washington counties, which was where the voters voted in sufficient numbers to put Washington in the win column for Obama, twice, legalized marijuana and same-sex marriage, prior to the Supreme Court making that the law of the land.

I suspect spending the majority of my existence on the planet in one of the liberal progressive parts of America may explain why I found myself appalled by much of what I saw in Texas upon arrival.

Eventually I got acclimated to Texas, sort of, and not as appalled as I was upon first exposure.

Though, having said that, I really never did quit being appalled by much of what I saw in the town I eventually came to call Sick City, that being the more backward part of the D/FW Metroplex, that being the FW part of D/FW.

Washington is split in two by the Cascade Mountains. The west side of the mountains is the more liberal, progressive, democrat part of the state. The east side of the mountains is more like Texas, in both topography and politically, with Eastern Washington being much redder that Western Washington. Eastern Washington is not as prosperous as Western Washington. Nor as well educated. Another similarity to Texas.

There does seem to be some correlation between how well educated a person is and their political leanings. Like college dropout, Rush Limbaugh, who flunked every class he took during his short time in college, yet became the cult leader of the right wing nut jobs.....

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