Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Downtown Fort Worth May Get A New Store For Christmas

I saw that which you see here this morning on the front page, online, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and found what which I saw to be amusing.

Amusing for a couple reasons.

Toy store headed to Sundance Square? With an illustrative photo of the former parking lot re-purposed as Sundance Square Plaza.

Have the goofballs who run downtown Fort Worth decided to drop "Plaza" from the name of the re-purposed parking lot?

It was after several years of exposure to Fort Worth that I finally learned that Sundance Square was the name given to a multi-block downtown Fort Worth revitalization scheme. Why would such a name be chosen for such a scheme with no one realizing it was confusing to call something Sundance Square, where there was no square?

Last week I blogged about the frenzy of new construction in downtown Seattle, with 65 major buildings under construction.

While in Sick City, Fort Worth, it is big news that a toy store is headed to Sundance Square by Christmas.....

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