Friday, July 29, 2016

Bridge Over Wichita Falls Sikes Lake Bayou With Pokemon Zombies

Those familiar with River Legacy Park in the Texas town of Arlington might think, in the photo, we are on the River Legacy Park bridge across the Trinity River, connecting the south side of the park to the north.

Those familiar thinkers would be thinking wrong.

What you are looking at here is the bayou at the southwest end of Sikes Lake in the beautiful Texas town of Wichita Falls.

To take the picture of the bayou we are standing on one of the two Sikes Lake signature bridges built over water by experienced bridge building engineers of the sort Fort Worth's infamous Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision Boondoggle desperately needs to find in order to get The Boondoggle's bridges back in construction mode.

Even before the Pokemon Go madness and its hordes of Zombies came to be, Sikes Lake always has a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. Today that number was bigger than the norm. Along with the usual Pokemon Go Getters an event at the museum had its parking lot full.

Judging from all the parental units, with kids, I assumed some sort of Children's Event was afoot.

In the background, under the tree, are a couple of the aforementioned Pokemon Go Zombies staring at their phones. If I remember right I've shared a photo previously of this location with Pokemon Go Zombies under that same tree.

In the foreground that is not a Pokemon, superimposed on my phone's photo, screen capping me capturing a Pokemon. I don't have that app, or want it. I am assuming figuring it out would tax my limited figuring things out ability.

Walking around the lake was a bit taxing today.Why? I don't know. But, even though the trail runs over mostly flat ground, after a mile or two I felt like I was on mile ten of a twenty mile hike.

This may be an age related malady.....

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