Friday, July 15, 2016

A Look At Wichita Falls Pavilions & Fort Worth Imaginary Pavilions

I was back at Sikes Lake, yesterday, walking with the Pokemon Go Zombies.

Here you are looking at a pair of the Pokemon Go Getting Zombies crossing one of the bridges over Sikes Lake, heading towards the Wichita Falls Museum of Art and the Ruby & Robert Priddy Pavilion.

Why give something such a cumbersome name? Why not simply Priddy Pavilion?

Below is closer look at the Priddy Pavilion.

Last night I drove by this location and saw a swarm of Pokemon Go Zombies and a lot of people seated in the Priddy Pavilion area, appearing to be awaiting some sort of musical event to start up on the shores of Sikes Lake.

I am fairly certain no inner tube floating or beer drinking took place during this music event.

Last Sunday I came upon another full sized Wichita Falls pavilion. This one is called the Elizabeth Prothro Pavilion, located at the River Bend Nature Area adjacent to Lucy Park.

As you can see above, the Elizabeth Prothro Pavilion is a large structure. Most pavilions, in most towns, are large structures.

And then we get to Fort Worth, a city with imaginary pavilions on imaginary islands, such as Panther Island Pavilion on Panther Island, one of the town's great success stories.

Fort Worth really needs to stop with the false naming.

One would think the powers that misrule that town would have learned some sort of lesson from confusing, for decades, downtown Fort Worth's few tourists, with signs pointing to Sundance Square, where there was no square, til a  couple years ago when one of the downtown parking lots was turned into a little square, then named Sundance Square Plaza, with no one in the naming process apparently realizing that is a goofy redundant name.

If Fort Worth wants to have a Panther Island Pavilion, how about first coming up with something which bears some semblance to an island? And then add a building which bears some semblance to a pavilion.

What a concept....

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