Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wichita Falls Day Three With Wi-Fi Woes & Falls From Grace

Day Three of my Exile from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

And I am exhausted.

One thing after another.

First day here an unpredicted storm blew into Wichita Falls, seemingly out of nowhere. I looked out the window facing west and saw trees bending in the wind

I thought a twister was incoming.

And then the rain began.

The storm did not last long.

One good thing. I have covered parking at this new location, and so a vehicular  bombardment by giant hail is not a worry.

The Time Warner internet install guy showed up today, right on schedule. Two, of the three computers I use, connected with no problem to the wi-fi. But, the computer I primarily use will not connect. That computer has connected to multiple wi-fi connections previously, but so far I can not figure out what the problem is.

My phone connected to the wi-fi easily, but not my favorite computer.

So I am reduced to using that red monster you see above. It's a Toshiba running Windows 7. It runs just fine, but does not run the programs I like to use, long discontinued, and thus not installable on a computer running Windows 7.

I am currently unable to access my email. I use the long gone Outlook Express to access email. Or used to use Outlook Express to access email when I was able to connect that computer to the Internet.

I have other means to access email, all laborious, the worst of which would be hauling my favorite computer to another wi-fi connection.

I've had a few other woes in the past couple days. Like falling out of the back of a pickup. I thought this would result in a massive bruise, but no bruise appeared. Just epic pain medicated with ibuprofen. I also broke the latch/handle thing that opens the pickup's tail gate.

And don't get me started on my bike woes.

I mailed my mom a Mom's Day letter today with my new address. The ;post office is very modern, unlike the post office I used at my previous location. And very efficient. Also unlike the post office at my previous location.

Usually when I have a computer problem I quickly see a path to a solution. I see no such path with my current wi-fi woe.

But tomorrow is another day, I think.....

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