Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why Are There No Real Housewives Of Fort Worth With Elsie Hotpepper?

Even though I am now headquartered about 120 miles northwest of Fort Worth I see no reason not to continue the popular series of bloggings about items read in west coast online news sources which I can't imagine reading in a Fort Worth news source regarding something in Fort Worth.

I don't remember if I got this example from the Seattle Times or the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

I have no idea what SIFF is, but can you imagine something in Fort Worth called SIFF featuring Fort Worth-centered movies though history?

Sleepless in Fort Worth?

A movie titled Sleepy in Fort Worth might be doable, featuring a famous panther napping in the sleepy town's mostly moribund downtown.

Can you imagine a movie industry magazine indicating Fort Worth to be among the best places to make movies?

I can't either.

Me actually thinks Hollywood is missing out on some rich material.

Like the Fort Worth Stockyards.

There is no other city in the world which has a twice daily cattle herd of longhorns ramrodded down a city street by cowboys and cowgirls.

Is there any other city in the world which encourages hordes of locals to float in a polluted river while drinking beer and listening to music at an imaginary island with an imaginary pavilion?

A Seinfeld type TV show would have a field day of material in Fort Worth. Mayors like downtown gun shooting Moncrief and pedal pushing Betsy Price. Embarrassments like J.D. Granger. And his mama. A plethora of corrupt courts and corrupt court officials. Epic eminent domain abuse. Businesses bragging about having indoor plumbing. City parks without indoor plumbing.

Fort Worth really is a one of a kind American city which Hollywood really needs to take a look at for some fresh material.

Currently Bravo TV is running a new Real Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of Dallas. Bravo missed an opportunity for some good TV by not going 30 miles west to Where the West Begins to show America and the world The Real Housewives of Fort Worth.

Elsie Hotpepper would make for a great Bethenny Frankel of the South....

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