Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday Lightning Spread A Ground Current At My Electric Location On The Planet

In the dark hours before the dawn of this past Tuesday morning thunder rolled over and around my location.

At one point lightning struck at the same time I was jolted by a concussive jolt of thunder. One of the loudest jolts of concussive thunder I had ever been concussed by.

Moving forward.

Minutes ago I got an email telling me that the Facebooker who sometimes goes by the name of Layla Caraway had tagged me.

When this tagged me type thing happens it always causes me a moment of wondering what fresh hell is this going to be.

So, I go to Facebook and click on the tagged me link to see that which you see here.

A little blurb from the National Weather Service informing that "Lightning struck the green of the 15th hole at Champions Course at Weeks Park in Wichita Falls, TX, early Tuesday morning. Lightning spreads out along the ground in something called "ground current"."

What Miss Caraway does not know is that my new abode abuts Weeks Park and the Champions Golf Course. I look out my windows and can see golfers. Usually. But not right now because we are being a bit damp at this location, with the ground and grounds a bit saturated.

I suspect that that extremely loud boom and thunder boom I was jolted by on Tuesday was the one which made all those current fissures you see in the photo above.

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