Thursday, May 12, 2016

Three Times Today To The Summit Of Mount Wichita

I decided to go mountain climbing again today, what with Mount Wichita being so close to my abode.

In two days I've seen more people climbing Mount Wichita than I usually saw in a month of hiking the Tandy Hills.

In the first picture you are looking down a western slope of Mount Wichita at what appeared to be a senior citizen carefully making his way down the steep slope.

Yesterday I managed climbing to the summit of Mount Wichita twice. Today I managed to do so thrice.

Methinks if I keep up with this new mountain climbing regimen eventually I am going to get in good shape.

Apparently summer is HOTTER at my new location than my previous location. Wichita Falls holds the Texas record for most consecutive days over 100 degrees. If I remember right the record is 100 days in a row over 100.

When I was making my final descent I saw what I assumed to be a dad with his son walking towards Mount Wichita.

As I watched the pair begin their ascent I remarked that I don't think that little guy is going to be able to make it. But, he managed to get about halfway to the summit before his dad picked him up to continue the climb. The photo above manages to convey how steep the climb up Mount Wichita is.

When they reached the summit I zoomed to the maximum to take the photo above.

The climb down Mount Wichita is far more treacherous than the ascent. I stayed long enough to see the dad and son begin the hike back to ground level, with the boy back on his feet. I did not stay long enough to see if dad had to pick up the kid part way down the mountain.

I should be feeling good what with all this new type aerobic stimulation and the endorphins such stimulation causes....

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You can combine the heat of Wichita Falls with long distance biking in August at the Hotter'n Hell 100