Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Had Myself A BUC-EE World Famous Restroom Experience Today

A couple weeks ago en route from Wichita Falls to East Fort Worth I opted to exit 287 to 114 to take a different route than that which I'd been on way too many times, of late.

That route turned out to be a mistake, which I repeated today when I needed to be in Euless, which made the 114 route to 121, then south to Euless seem the sensible way to go.

It wasn't.

Anyway, when I went this route a couple weeks ago, at the point where 114 intersected with 35W, I was surprised to see the biggest bank of gas pumps I had ever seen. With no gas getting pumped. But due to all the cars parked around this location I figured it was open, but for some reason not pumping gas.

I figured wrong. BUC-EE's is the name of the place. Apparently a Southern institution I'd never heard of or experienced.

Til today.

Between the time of seeing BUC-EE's a couple weeks ago, in what turned out to be its under construction phase, I learned BUC-EE's is well known for its amazing restroom facilities.

I had not been amazed by a restroom facility since December 27, 1994 when I visited the palatial Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda. Or was it in Whittier? I don't remember.

Since I first saw BUC-EE's its Grand Opening happened, and is still happening. So, today I joined the throngs pumping gas at one of the BUC-EE gas pumps. And then went inside.

I was not expecting the humongous beehive of activity or vast store of goods and food when I walked through the entry to BUC-EE's.

At the center of the store I came to a food preparation area with a rather astounding array of vittles.

One ordered ones vittles at a touch screen kiosk. I went through the motions of acting like I was ordering something. I touched the screen. A plethora of options came up. I chose Sandwiches. Then Fish Sandwich. I think the base fee was $6.99. Then add-on options were offered. I touched bacon, then jalapeno, then tomato, then extra fish. With each touch the cost was adjusted til I'd made myself a Fish Sandwich costing something like $10.99, plus tax.

I then walked away.

I think I saw the future of the fast food ordering experience today.

And then I found the entry to the BUC-EE's Restrooms.

As you can see, the RESTROOMS sign informs us they are World Famous!

Well, I certainly was impressed.

HUGE is a word that came to mind. Each, uh, station, gave its user a sense of privacy I'd not seen in such a facility before. And everything was automated. All one had to do for oneself was handle ones zipper or buttons.

I also dropped in on Miss Puerto Rico today, to see the babies and pick up some mail, and some other stuff.

The drive between Wichita Falls and the Metroplex seems shorter each time I drive it.

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