Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GOODBYE To The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

This morning I say GOODBYE to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex zone, heading to greener prairie pastures northwest of the Texas Prairie Lakes Region.

I currently am expecting to be disconnected from the Internet for only one day, that being tomorrow, with Internet installation scheduled for an unspecified time on Thursday.

I will sort of miss my former location, things like walking in Arlington with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts, hiking the Tandy Hills, biking the Gateway Park and River Legacy Park mountain bike trails.

I won't miss living behind a security fence where that security fence did not protect me from two vehicular break-ins, one of which did serious vehicular damage, the other of which resulted in my bike being stolen.

I won't miss air pollution, traffic congestion, too much noise and one or two other annoyances.

I will be returning to the D/FW zone once a month, at least, so I will be able to keep up with, eye witness-wise, the extremely slow progress of America's Biggest Boondoggle. I am really looking forward to seeing what The Boondoggle's bridges end up looking like, if they ever get finished.

I may be back in D/FW sooner than a month from now to pick up a thing or two I left at Miss Puerto Rico's. Three bar stools I left there will come in handy at my new location.....


scott barry said...

why you moving? where you going?

Anonymous said...

Fair winds, mate.

You're the all time best blogger in Fort Worth history.