Friday, May 13, 2016

Back On Mount Wichita Learning A Texas Persimmon Can Produce Blackberries

I was back on Mount Wichita today for the third day in a row. Today I managed to make it up and down to the summit five times.

Along the Circle Trail as it circulates through Lake Wichita Park there are several informational type signs with little factoid blurbs, like the one you see here.

I took a picture of this particular sign, which is stuck  in the ground between Mount Wichita and Lake Wichita because the sign has an  eagle's eye view of Mount Wichita on it.

With no explanation as to why Mount Wichita is on this sign, or how the mountain came to be. A mini-volcano? A pile of dirt dredged from the lake? One would think the sign would have some information about the mountain directly to the north.

Instead the sign informs us that the Texas persimmon can produce black berries.

I thought only a blackberry bush produced black berries.

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Anonymous said...

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