Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Deluge Floods North Texas Including Fossil Creek

A week ago I visited one of Elsie Hotpepper's most notorious nemesis, Fossil Creek, and blogged about the visit in Communing With Nature At North Richland Hills Fossil Creek Park.

At that point in time Fossil Creek was a peaceful stream of clear water flowing over precipices creating waterfalls and sounds of burbling water, with large fish visible gently staying stationary against the flow.

This Sunday morning, about the time dawn cracked, rain started to pour down in down pour mode, just as predicted. The downpour lasted for hours, finally ceasing mid-afternoon.

Prior to mid-afternoon I took off for a long drive in the downpouring thunderstorm.

My first port of call was the aforementioned Fossil Creek Park.

Last Monday below is what Fossil Creek looked like.

In the photo at the top I am parked on the bridge you see above, looking at the serene scene you see here, but in today's flood mode.

From Fossil Creek I headed north to Watauga, I saw a lot of flooding as I drove along. At some point after I arrived in Watauga, almost to ALDI, the aforementioned Elsie Hotpepper texted me. I texted back asking if Elsie knew if Miss Mary Not Contrary needed any help dealing with the incoming flood.

Elsie texted back that Mary had successfully moved her cows to high ground. I assume the goose and peacock can move themselves to high ground.

I think this current respite from rain is just the eye of the storm, with a lot more to come.

Will the Gateway Park mountain bike trails ever get out from under water? I hope so. I miss those trails.....

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