Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spencer Jack's Dad Takes Me Across Two Of The World's Most Dangerous Bridges

A couple days ago Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, emailed me with the subject line asking the puzzling question "Washington Bridges Dangerous?"

Other than the subject line the only other item in the email was a link to a YouTube video which you can watch below.

This YouTube video purports to show you the Ten Most Dangerous Bridges in the World.


Two of these supposedly dangerous bridges are in my old home state. I've crossed both these bridges innumerable times, never realizing I was in extreme danger.

One of the dangerous bridges in Washington is that which you see above. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Also  known as the SR 520 Floating Bridge. Also known as the Albert D. Rosellini Floating Bridge.

This particular dangerous bridge is no longer dangerous due to the fact that it has been replaced by a much bigger floating bridge which opened to traffic a short time ago.

The video's narration describing why this particular floating bridge was dangerous seemed way off. As in not factual. This bridge lasted for over 50 years before needing to be replaced for a variety of reasons, mainly the need to be able to handle more traffic and light rail.

The second allegedly dangerous bridge, in Washington, is even more perplexing. That being the Deception Pass Bridge.

The Deception Pass Bridge was a short drive from my home location in the Skagit Valley. I have probably walked across this bridge more than any other bridge in the world.

Over the years a suicide jump from the bridge would make the news. But, there is no way the number of suicides is over 425.

The narrator of the video says the Deception Pass Bridge trembles scarily as vehicles pass over it, presenting a frightening experience to a person walking the narrow sidewalk on either side of the bridge deck.

I do not remember this bridge trembling.

I have blogged about Deception Pass and its Bridge several times on my Washington blog, including...

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And now the aforementioned YouTube video...


scott barry said...

the old evergreen point bridge wasn't dangerous. yes, it would rock and roll in high winds and spray would wash over the bridge surface, but that was part of the fun. as for the deception pass bridge, i'm with durango. i've seen the suicide numbers, but i'm not certain the sources are the most reliable. my main concern about that bridge has always been walking on the sidewalk when an RV drives past on the narrow roadway with its big mirrors extended. that's dangerous...

Steve A said...

Some claim that the Deception Pass bridges are not even the most attactive to suicides even in Washington State. That title is held, at least in recent years, by Seattle's Aurora Bridge. That one even has a suicide prevention website at seattlefriends dot org. Regardless, the Golden Gate Bridge far exceeds the Washingon bridges COMBINED. I don't know of any suicide bridges in North Texas. For another read on the topic, see

KM said...

Thanks for the warning. I've been on both of those bridges of late and survived. As I am now in Washington, this information shall be oft pondered.