Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tic Toc Clock From Orange Chair Pictures

A couple weeks ago a couple days before the Ides of March I blogged about Sad News From Washington, after I learned of the passing of someone I'd known for decades, a multi-prize winner for multiple endeavors named Geff Hinds.

So, last night, Maxine, she being a friend of Geff Hinds, dating all the way back to when they schooled in Sedro-Woolley, sent me a link to a blog post Geff wrote in his Orange Chair Pictures blog, titled tic tock goes the clock.

I have no way of knowing if Geff spelled toc wrong so as to match clock.

I had read a few of Geff's Orange Chair Pictures postings back when he first started writing them. I found them to be a bit of a labor to read. Long stories, with minute detail.

I figured Geff likely got bored with the writing thing and moved on to some new creative endeavor.

I figured wrong.

Geff continued writing blog posts for years after I first read one.

When Maxine brought up the subject of Geff's blog yesterday, saying she thought it was Red Chair something or other. I remembered the actual name, Googled for Orange Chair Pictures, found it and read the most recent post, from, if I remember right, back in 2012. I was impressed with how much the story telling had improved.

So, last night Maxine sends me that tic tock goes the clock  blog post link. As I  clicked on the link I wondered what I was about to read that had Maxine sending it to me.


In light of Geff's passing this blog post was extremely poignant, which had me replying to Maxine's email saying "Wow. That was just pure brilliance."

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