Friday, March 4, 2016

Republicans Make Me Grumpy So I Went Wildflower Hunting

The temperature when the sun arrived at my location this morning was only 46. So I opted out of making it four days in a row in the pool.

As you can clearly see, due to that fountain burbling beside my left eye, today I took my grumpy self to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake, along with a lot of other people enjoying the pleasantly warmed 4th day of March.

I only made it through the first hour of last night's Republican Embarrassment.

A couple days ago one of my progressive liberal democratic socialist type friends up in Washington asked me if the Republicans are seeming stupid to us now, because we are older, or have they always been this stupid?

The day before that I had asked my mom the same question, to which my mom said she'd just asked my dad the same thing.

Imagine Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan or the first Bush up on that stage last night. Any of those four would have made Trump, Rubio and Cruz look so far out of the presidential league. Kasich at least acts grown-up.

Apparently a lot of people are like me and have an instinctual visceral bad reaction to Ted Cruz, sort of like how those of us who are snakeaphobes react to a snake. Which makes sense, what with Ted Cruz seeming so reptilian.

Anyway, the walk around Fosdick Lake put me in a better mood, particularly when I came upon what you see below, a patch of purple wildflowers in the early stage of blooming.

The hills in these parts should soon be alive with color. Last year the wildflowers were a bit of a dud, due to the drought. I suspect this year's wildflowers are going to be spectacular, due to that drought thing no longer being a vexation.

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