Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Editorial Board Did Not Recommend Kasich & Sanders

I guess this falls into the category of something I see in a west coast online news source that I would not expect to be seeing in one of my local Texas online new sources, such as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

In this instance it is the Seattle Times recommending voters vote for John Kasich and Bernie Sanders.

I don't remember if I saw who the Star-Telegram endorsed for the recent primary. I'll go see if I can find that information.

Well, near as I can tell the Star-Telegram endorsed Marco Rubio.

I could not find who was endorsed by the Star-Telegram on the Democrat side. I would hazard to guess it was likely Mrs. Clinton.

On the Republican side John Kasich is the only one remaining who seems like a normal person to me, who does not seem to suffer from some mental health issues.

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Steve A said...

The Dallas Morning News DID endorse Kasich. Perhaps you need to move a few miles east...