Monday, March 7, 2016

Did Ted Cruz Model For Big Tex Along With Auditioning For The Simpsons?

Earlier this morning I was reading the hard copy version of this week's Dallas Observer, when looking at the cover article about Fair Park in Dallas I looked at the photo you see here of Big Tex and thought he looked uncannily like Ted Cruz.

Big Tex got a makeover a couple years ago after an unfortunate fire incident. Did Ted Cruz model for the makeover?

Speaking of Ted Cruz, and who isn't? That is Ted Cruz at the lower left part of the screen cap from the Dallas Observer.

Ted Cruz at the lower left is a link to an article titled LETTER FROM TEXAS: LISTEN AMERICA, TRUMP IS JUST EMBARRASSING. CRUZ IS SCARY.

There has been so much embarrassing, scary video material with Cruz showing his reptilian-ness. I would have thought those videos would have laughing stocked him long ago. I thought the Cruz audition tape for The Simpsons would have been the end of him, but it was not.

I blogged about the embarrassing Cruz audition for The Simpsons on another of my blogs, with that blogging titled Ted Cruz Unfortunate Embarrassing Audition for The Simpsons.

The embarrassing audition video is watchable on the blog for your viewing enjoyment.

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