Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walking With Ghosts In Arlington In The Old Caddoan Confederacy

That serene body of water you are looking at here is located in Arlington, Texas.

The body of water is known as Village Creek. Village Creek is so named because of the large Village of Native Americans which thrived in this area until early Texans used a primitive form of eminent domain to take the land away from its rightful owners.

The Village at Village Creek was made up of multiple tribes, bound together in what was known as the Caddo Confederacy.

The Tribes in the Caddoan Confederacy were agrarian. Which means they grew crops. Items like corn and squash. The Caddoan Confederacy extended to the east to what is now known as Louisiana.

The Comanche tribe was headquartered to the west and north. The Comanche were not an agrarian tribe. The Comanche often made raids into Caddoan Confederacy territory.

That is our local history lesson for today.

Today I had myself a mighty fine peaceful walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt this location. And now it is time to fire up the wok and make some stir fry.

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