Saturday, February 20, 2016

The First Good Swim Of The Year On The Third Saturday Of February

Yesterday's high was 81 degrees at my location. This morning when I woke up my temperature monitoring device I saw the outer world was chilled to only 62 degrees.

I figured the balmy temperatures should have the pool doable.

I figured right, and so had my first long swim this morning in the now not too cool pool.

Minutes ago I snapped the mid-afternoon view of the aforementioned pool you see here. As you can see it is currently being lit by a bright sun, with that sun currently heating the outer world at my location to 79 degrees.

I suspect I will be back in the pool tomorrow morning, unless the predicted Sunday thunderstorm is in full booming mode.

I read this morning that January in North Texas was the warmest, by far, since records have been kept. I know this winter has been the warmest since I've been in Texas. A few days where the temperature got below freezing. No ice storms. No snow.

This coming spring and summer should be interesting, weather-wise. I may feel the need to head north and west for relief....

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