Monday, February 29, 2016

No Need For Thousands Of Texas Military Personnel To Conduct Frack Quake Exercise

This blogging falls into the category of bloggings about something I read in a west coast online news source that I likely would not be reading in any of my local Texas online news sources.

That which you see here was in the Seattle Times this morning.

That is a lot of emergency and military personnel conducting a megaquake exercise.

Is 6,000 a bigger number than the number of Jade Helm invaders who freaked out Texas governor Abbott?

There has been a lot of concern of late in the Pacific Northwest over the potential megaquake that the Cascadia Fault could cause if it makes a move.

When I lived in the Pacific Northwest I was shaken by many earthquakes. I have not been shaken by any of the Texas Frack Quakes that unsettle those who have been shaken in Texas.

The Frack Quakes perplex me. I have never read of anyone commenting how noisy a Frack Quake is. Just reports of minor damage.

All the earthquakes I have experienced have been incredibly loud. There was a period during the 1990's when my Mount Vernon abode was shaken by a lot of earthquakes, epicentered at Big Lake, a few miles east. These quakes ranged in the 2 to 3 Richter Scale level. About the same as the Texas Frack Quakes.

I was watching TV when the worst of the Big Lake Quakes struck with a boom and a roar. My windows flexed. The tall fir trees swayed violently. A loud cracking noise came from the kitchen. When the quake stopped shaking I walked to my kitchen to find the tile floor now had a crack running the length of the kitchen.

I think the Texas Frack Quakes must not be as violent as an ordinary Mother Nature Quake caused by a fault line moving. If the Texas Frack Quakes were that violent I think people would be a lot more upset about it.

The last time the Cascadia Fault made a big move was a long time ago, in the 1700's if I am remembering correctly. Prior to the Pacific Northwest being invaded by incoming Americans. That long ago quake caused a big tsunami to cross the Pacific, all the way to Japan.

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