Thursday, February 18, 2016

Keeping Tricycle Speed Under The Mount Vernon Speed Limit

I saw what you see here this morning on the Skagit Breaking News Facebook page and found it to be amusing.

Skagit is the county I lived in before moving to Texas. Mount Vernon is the town I lived in before moving to Texas.

In the picture a little boy on a tricycle is perusing the speed limit sign, likely wondering how in the world is he supposed to know how fast he is going when his trike is not equipped with a speedometer.

The part of the sign I found to be amusing  is the information attached below the ENTERING MOUNT VERNON SPEED LIMIT 25 ENFORCED notice...


In all my years of driving in the Skagit Valley I never got a single speeding ticket. I was only a couple weeks into my exile in Texas when I got a speeding ticket, due to a speed trap in Southlake.

Coming from Washington I was unfamiliar with the concept of the speed limit on a road going up and down, with a cop hiding in the speed limit down zone so as to trap alleged speeders.

At my current location on the three mile drive to Walmart, on John T. White Road, if I am remembering right the speed limit changes three times. Heading west on Randol Mill Road towards Town Talk, same thing.

I guess due to most Texans not knowing this is not normal no one makes a fuss to put an end to all the speed limit churning.

Speaking of driving in Texas. I must say, last night's late night drive to D/FW airport was totally painless, due to the well done upgrade to I-121. When construction was underway it was difficult to estimate how long the drive to the airport would take. Last night it took about 15 minutes.

The only construction annoyance in the drive to the airport is at the airport itself, with Terminal E being a bit of a challenge due to the construction upgrade. Last week after, delivering Miss Puerto Rico to Terminal E, upon leaving, I hit the biggest pothole I ever plowed through. Last night the exit from Terminal E was via a different route, and I found no dreaded potholes.

I intend to drive nowhere today....

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