Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fighting My Way Through A Stormy Texas Tuesday To Early Vote

On this bleak, dreary, rainy final Tuesday of February I did my civic duty to do some dark very early Early Voting, as you can see via the "I Voted" sticker stuck to my reading glasses.

I tried to do the Early Voting thing last Friday at the East Regional Library. But that location no longer was available. So, it was back to the place I had long done the Early Voting thing, the Handley Community Center.

When I last Early Voted, at the aforementioned East Regional Library, I was not asked for photo identification. I was required to show photo I.D. today. I indicated I thought requiring such had been ruled illegal. I was told that that ruling had not yet been made.

I think the reason I was not  asked for photo I.D. the last time I Early Voted was due to the fact that those precinct workers were very sleepy. They had trouble finding my name on the roll. By the time my name was finally found we were all old friends, thus forgetting to ask to see my I.D., I assume.

Anyway, I'd not voted in a primary since 2008, so I forgot that one must indicate if one wanted the Republican or Democrat ballot. So, I did not get to vote for Donald Trump, just to do my little bit to muck things up.

With Early Voting out of the way, I now await the worsening of the ongoing storm. Below you are looking at the stormy view, minutes ago, from my patio overlook view of the world.

The temperature was 54 when I made my way to Handley to vote. The temperature has now fallen to 48. The temperature is scheduled to continue to fall, with strong winds scheduled to blow hard this afternoon. Along with some possibly thunder booming.

After being able to swim the past couple days I thought maybe this winter madness was over for the year. Clearly I thought wrong.....

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