Saturday, February 13, 2016

Almost HOT Enough To Resume A Regular Swim Schedule

The pool is looking doable on this second Saturday day before Valentines Day in February.

However, looking doable does not make the pool doable, unless it is a chilling experience one is looking for.

Currently the outer world is heated to only 63 degrees at my location. Overnight was in the 40s. I think I need about five days in a row nearing 80 to make the pool pleasantly doable.

Past years the pool becomes doable in early March. I'm guessing with all this global warming we've got going on that the pool becoming doable will be happening earlier than any other year in recorded history.

This particular Saturday has me pondering all the habits I seem to have broken. It's Saturday and going to Town Talk  did not cross my mind. Nor did doing some hill hiking on the Tandy Hills. I can't remember the last time I hiked the Tandy Hills. I know I have not hill hiked since the most recent clear cutting removed foliage from a swath of the hills.

Now that you've got me thinking about it I'm wondering if a rare late afternoon hill hike on the Hills of Tandy might be a mighty fine thing.

Well, nix that idea. Just remembered I have something we will called the Inwesco PDF Nightmare to figure out.....

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Steve A said...

When Durango starts talking about using the pool again, it's time to start planning for the annual trek back up to Ocean Shores!