Friday, February 26, 2016

A Few Minutes With The Trump Circus In Downtown Fort Worth

Every few years I find myself once again in Adventure Mode and thus decide to ride a Fort Worth T Roller Coaster Bus to Downtown Fort Worth.

In the picture I am on the left side of the bus, looking at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth as we pull into the Downtown Transit Center.

I needed to go to the Tarrant County Tax Office. The directions on the Tarrant County Tax Office website said they were located at 100 E. Weatherford, which to me meant the Tax Office was in the County Courthouse.

So, I get to the Courthouse, go through security that is about the same as getting on a plane, including almost losing my baggy pants when my belt set off the alarm. Then, after going through that living hell I quickly learned the Tax Office was not located in that building, but in the new building on the south side of Weatherford.

Where one did not have to go through airport like security to enter.

My business at the Tax Office was quickly concluded. So, I head south on Main Street, heading to the Convention Center, to see the Donald Trump madness. The throngs walking to see The Donald were a colorful lot. I saw two or three Trump RVs, like you see here.

Multiple vendors were selling a variety of Trump paraphernalia, such as t-shirts, buttons, flags, banners and other stuff. To my surprise people were buying this stuff.

Was that Ted Nugent being interviewed in front of one of the sellers of Trump-ware? I don't know. But the guy was spouting some idiotic nonsense as I stood listening the length of time it took to take a picture. Something about Trump would take control of Congress. What did that mean, I wondered? Like how Hitler took over the Reichstag?

A lot of attention was being paid to a group protesting the nasty stuff Trump has said about our Mexican friends south of the border. They were loud, with a lot of cameras aimed at them.

Before getting to the location where people were entering the Convention Center I came upon a rather scary looking bearded guy waving a big poster which only said something like Info Wars. He shouted as people walked  by. To me he shouted "I am from Arkansas and I am here to tell you the Clintons ruined my state."

All in all the entire scene seemed somehow surreal and somehow carnival like, with a hint of being a mob.

I arrived at the Trump location about 11am, an hour before the scheduled appearance of The Donald. I was in no mood to wait around for an hour, particular since the event was taking place in a meeting hall with no seating, if my understanding was correct. And it sometimes is.

So, I left all the crazies behind and soon hopped aboard a bus heading east.....

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