Tuesday, February 9, 2016

60 Sunny Degrees Is No Big Deal In Texas In February Unlike The Chilly Northwest

I saw that which you see here this morning via the Seattle Times and thought it to be a variant of our popular series of bloggings about something read in a west coast online news source that I would likely not be reading in any local Texas news source.

As in, up north, in Western Washington, the outer world being heated to 60 degrees is not the chilly norm.

While at my location in Texas the outer world being heated to 60, or above, in February, is no big deal.

However, currently, this second Tuesday of February the outer world at my location is a somewhat chilly 43 degrees, heading to a predicted high in the 60s, with predicted highs in the 70s for a few of the days to follow today.

There are a couple other things in that photo I screen capped from the Seattle Times that I do not see at my currently location.

The obvious thing I don't see in Texas is that big mountain in the background. That would be Mount Rainier. I can not tell if the body of water is Lake Washington or Puget Sound.

My best guess is the body of water is Lake Washington, with that body of water being a less obvious thing that I can not find at my current location. That being a clean body of water in which one can catch salmon, and other fish, with the salmon, and other fish, being safe to eat.

And no one would think a person nuts if that person had themselves a Rockin' the Lake Happy Hour Inner Tube Float in Lake Washington.

I just realized, people would think a person was nuts if they went Rockin' that Lake in February when the temperature was only 60.....

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Steve A said...

Yup. Lake Washington. It'd be a bit chilly to inner tube in it in February.