Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Is Fort Worth Police Observation Tower Watching Me & Molly The Trolley?

This morning's walk around my neighborhood had me wondering about a couple things, both of which you see in the photo you see here.

With the articles of wonderment being that tower you see rising above the parking lot and in the distance, behind the tower, a pair of what look like buses.

The tower is a product of the Fort Worth Police.

Why is a Fort Worth Police observation tower sitting on the Albertson's parking lot?

Has there been an outbreak of crime in the Albertson's parking lot which I've not heard about?

Or are the Fort Worth police keeping a watchful eye on the shenanigans going on a short distance to the north, left in the photo, at the Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale Natural Gas Pad?

Usually in the noon time frame I will see several Fort Worth cop cars parked at the Italy Pizza & Pasta restaurant. You see a brick corner of the Italy Pizza place on the right of the photo. Have some Fort Worth cops been slacking off with extended lunch breaks, so that tower was put in place to make the cops wary that they were being watched? I suspect not, but I don't think I have seen a Fort Worth cop car at  the Italy Pizza place since the observation tower showed up.

The other thing I saw today that had me wondering was that which you see below.

Those two vehicles are parked at my neighborhood Fort Worth bus stop, but they are not regular looking Fort Worth buses. These look like the Molly the Trolley little buses that roam around downtown Fort Worth. If  these are Molly Trolleys what are  they doing so far from downtown?

Both of these buses informed potential riders that they were "NOT IN SERVICE".

Soon after the above picture was taken a regular Fort Worth bus showed up which was in service, and a little bigger than the little buses which look like Molly Trolleys.

So, there you go, that's been my excitement so far today. A bus and tower mystery.....

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