Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why Don't Texas Schools Incorporate Native American Culture Into Their Curriculums?

What you see here is a screen cap from my old home zone newspaper, the Skagit Valley Herald online edition.

This blogging falls into the category of things I read in a west coast online news source which I would not expect to read in a Texas local news online news source.

Apparently the schools in the various districts in my old home zone of the Skagit Valley are adding courses teaching Native American culture to their curriculums.

Skagit County is home to three Native American tribes. The Samish, the Swinomish and the Skagit.

My current county of residence, Tarrant County, is home to zero Native American tribes.

Before the Texans arrived, Tarrant County and the surrounding area was home to many Native Americans of various tribes. In modern day Texas those tribes survive, for the most part, only in town names, like Waxahachie and Waco, and others.

The history of Native Americans in Texas is quite complex, quite interesting, and a history worth being known and taught.

Methinks it would behoove Texas to add Native American culture, and history, to their school curriculums.....

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